Restaurant Program

Restaurant Program

A Plant Based Meat for your Restaurant.

You can now serve our Mind-fül Meat!

  • Do you own a restaurant?
  • Attract customers of all types?
  • With the rising popularity of customers requesting meatless meat, restaurants are reporting major increases in traffic and sales.
  • Put Mind-fül Meat on your menu and let us help grow your business.
  • The Mind-fül Meat is NOW available for sale.
  • We are here to help you accommodate vegans and vegetarians, helping you take advantage of this quickly growing industry.

Time to join the plant-based revolution. Give the modern customer exactly what they are looking for. Give your business a boost by ADDING MIND-FÜL MEAT TO YOUR MENU?

Mind-fül Meat - The future of protein is plant-based. That is why Mind-fül Meat has created our 100% plant-based meat alternative. Mind-fül Meat offers restaurants an alternative that allows your restaurant the ability to serve the growing vegan community. Plant-based meat has the potential to change the food industry. We look forward to helping you by adding Mind-fül meat to you menu to accommodate vegans. Allowing customers a range of vegan options is important.
Increase Revenue - By adding a plant-based option will increase your potential to increased revenue. Restaurants everywhere are looking for ways to increase their customer base and by making sure you have a range of vegan options would do that. Remember that more choices will give your restaurant a wider customer appeal.
Drive Traffic - Nowadays, when a group of people are looking for somewhere to eat, they typically look for a place that has something for everyone’s dietary requirements.

Consumers everywhere are asking for vegan options. Now's your chance to grow your business by adding our plant-based "Mind-fül meat" to your menu. Fill out the form below