Jerk Ribs + Citrus Salsa


So every summer we bring back our ribs. EVERYONE loves these ribs. Yes, I do realize that we cannot quite call it summer yet, but I just couldn’t make you wait any longer. Who’s had jerk spiced ribs before?? How about refreshing mango salsa ON jerk ribs? No? Well, their slow cooked, marinated (a tad spicy) and then grilled on an open flame to get that BBQ flavour….you’re drooling already, aren’t you haha 😉

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RG 339 15g 45g 11g
LG 518 25g 55g 22g

Ingredients: Pork Ribs, Jerk Sauce, Mango Salsa (Mango, Red Onion, Bell Pepper, Lime Juice, Seasoning, Green Onion), Potato

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