Carrot Cake Protein Donuts (2)


These are a perfect treat for any time of year, but especially for Easter and Spring time. This baked gluten-free carrot cake donut makes for a healthier option than a typical carrot cake, of course. While these do have less sugar and oil than a typical carrot cake, and the icing is a vegan substitute cream cheese, rather than the normal cream cheese icing you have grown to love, these donuts are still perfectly rich, and certainly a special treat. So blame your second helping on your body’s deficiency in carotene 😉

Per Donut 374 20g 42g 14g

Ingredients: Gluten Free Baking Mix (Includes Almond Meal), Carrots, Vegan Butter, Coconut, Walnuts, Raisins, Baking Powder, Unsweetened Apple Sauce, Maple Syrup, Coconut Oil, Xylitol,Vegan Protein Powder, Spices, Vegan Cream Cheese

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