Indonesian Beef Rendang Bomb


Sooooo you know our signature Turkey Marinara Bomb creation? Ya, well we just stepped it up a notch. And don’t worry, for the times you’re craving Italian, the marinara bomb is still on the menu (of course it was in the top 5 again last month), but when you’re craving Chef Jake’s Indonesian Rendang, this is where you come. This sauce isn’t even describable to anyone that hasn’t tried it. We have had it on atleast one meal every single month since we opened the kitchen and I don’t see that ever changing. It’s seriously that good. Now we’ve enclosed it in our Keto Dough, and added a hardboiled egg to keep some tradition of the original. Enjoy (I know you will)!

RG 401 33g 11g 25g

Ingredients: Beef Chuck, Indonesian Rendang Sauce (Spices, Coconut Milk, Onion, Garlic), Keto Dough (Almonds, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Egg, Baking Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Seasoning), Hard Boiled Egg, Cucumber

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