Mind-fül Meat


Announcing the launch of Mind-fül Meat!

I'm excited to announce that I'm launching a new food brand called Mind-fül Meat. If you've had our Better Than Mac Wrap, or Meatless Shepherds Pie before, you will already have tried my delicious (and secretly nutritious!) plant-based comfort foods! Stay tuned for the new website and list of retailers and restaurants that will sell or serve Mind-fül Meat products. We'll have patties, crumbles, meatballs, and more for anyone wanting to incorporate more healthy plant food into their diets. We want to make comfort food that's so good, you won't even notice it's plant-based!

Better changes coming to Feed Me Fit

For the past six months I have been working on improving Feed Me Fit's menu to help you get the most nutrition AND flavour out of veggies, without the hassle. In my lifetime, I've tried every type of diet, and since eating plant-based this past year, I have never felt better.Customers have said our meals have helped them eat more veggies, learn to cook more with plants, and reduce their meat intake, and that's our goal this year! Moving forward, we'll be replacing the animal-based meals on our menu with ones using Plant-iful products. I want to make it SUPER EASY for anyone who wants to integrate more veggies into their lifestyle, whether or not they are going plant-based. Vegetables can (and should) be more exciting than raw sticks and dip!

I'm excited to be running (now two!) businesses that are aligned with my values, and I hope that you'll stay on the ride with me as I share more of my journey with you. Stay tuned for more updates!

Feed Me Fit and Plant-iful are on a mission to make a difference by promoting compassion, nutrition, whole foods, and community.

Thank you for supporting us through 2019. I look forward to feeding you soon!

Venessa Stonehouse
Founder and Chief Cooking Officer