Nutritious Menu 2

Nutritious Menu

Where’s the Menu Gone? You can find it in the link below, where I’m now selling on the Oco Meals platform.

What's the reason?
Some of you may know that I’m a bit of a control freak, which is why I try to do everything including the food, website, delivery, and logistics. But with every new customer it’s becoming harder and harder to do it all myself, which is why I’ve partnered with the wonderful folks at Oco Meals who specialize in website and delivery wizardry.

This will allow me to focus on expressing myself creatively with food, and engaging with you my lovely customers.

What does this mean for customers?
For you my customers, this means a more reliable website for you to order from (ie. goodbye long payment loading times), cheaper delivery (ie. $6 instead of $10), and in the long term even better food because I’ll be less distracted by all that delivery and technical website work that keeps me up at night.

How do I order?
I know some of you are not very tech savvy (like me) and can get nervous when the website changes, fear not, I was able to do it and it’s quite easy in fact. Follow these 3 easy steps. 

  1. Click the link below to see my items on the Oco Meals website
  2. Pick what you want and add your items to cart
  3. Checkout by clicking the cart button on the top right corner and create a new Oco account. Remember to use this special code ILOVEFMF to get 20% OFF my food items, valid until May 6th.

Important Note: The order deadline on Oco Meals is Wednesday at midnight. Please make sure to get your order in by then. If you happen to miss it, make an order for the following week and text Oco support at 604-262-0414 and they’ll do everything they can to try to squeeze you in!